A Special Graduate!

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With the job action still happening here in BC, many graduation ceremonies were not going to happen without the help of the parents. The mom of this graduate asked me to capture what she couldn’t as she was busy volunteering like many other parents. Unfortunately there was a very short window of opportunity for photos but I did what I could with the time that I had.

Coming from a small town where there are 20-25 Grads, to Kelowna who graduated 500 from this one school! It was a bit of a shocker for me.

After some family & friend photos, this group got back into their limo and headed to an awaiting houseboat for a 2 hour cruise around the lake! This boat definitely looked like they were having the most fun, it was the loudest one coming into the marina! At one point the entire top deck was jumping to the song “ jump around” by House of pain. How fun is that!

The grads then headed over to the sails where they met up with all the other grads and prepared for their march through the waterfront park. Everyone looked so great, the dresses were amazing!


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