Anissa turns ONE!

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I was so excited for this girls one year old photo shoot! Not only do I absolutely adore this sweet girl, but this was also the very first shoot done in my new studio! (and my outdoor space also). Very exciting!

I am so thankful for Anissa’s super patient mom Haley. She lets me photograph her gorgeous kids, allowing me to experiment & see what works and what doesn’t. ( My kids have had enough of me haha) She is an enormous help at the photo shoots as well, touching up hair and clothes as we go. I love that she is always on the look out for props & ideas for me, and even made the cute tutu’s & headbands that you see in these photos. Then she gave them to me to use in future photo shoots! Lucky me! A million thank you’s Haley for all you do!

Anissa’s photo shoot went very well, she had a bit of a cold but she was still a star model. One thing you must remember when photographing these little ones is they are the bosses in these shoots. They are busy! If they don’t want to do something, they will let you know and you need to have more ideas up your sleeve, ready to go. Stopping for snacks and snuggles with mom helps a lot too. She was happiest when she got a hold of my computer ( where the music was coming from). She was probably trying to change the music haha!  I must remember to get some better dance tunes for her next time.

I had my son Daniel helping out for part of this photoshoot for take your kid to work day. He said “ I don’t think I want to be a photographer of toddlers, they are too hard and they never want to sit. I am glad that he was able to spend that time seeing what I do, it was also great having the extra set of hands.

I sure enjoy photographing these little ones, spending that time with them and most of all the challenge of capturing their personalities! I love it!

It was really hard to choose which photos to share, here are some of my favorites!


Anissa One-18 (Medium)      Anissa One-10 (Medium)

Anissa One-22 (Medium)   anissa 3 frame (Medium)   Anissa One-67 (Medium)

Anissa One-25 (Medium)      Anissa One-29 (Medium)

Anissa One-91 (Medium)  Anissa One-57 (Medium)

Anissa One-120 (Medium)   A-3ws (Medium)

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