Baby H

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I am trying out my new studio space, getting reacquainted with newborn sessions and loving it! I believe these are my favorite sessions to do. Of course, I love snuggling the lil ones and meeting the parents, but I also love the challenge of capturing them and problem solving while following the babies lead, because remember – they are the boss in all this, we only do what they allow us to do.

Meet 11 day old baby H!

What a sweet lil guy! I sure enjoyed my time snuggling him and chatting with his mom. I loved watching him stare at his momma and the pure love & admiration that his mom has for him… so sweet. I absolutely fell in love with his smile & dimples! I think that he just might be the first baby to not have an accident during my newborn sessions. ( It really is rare!) He was such a happy & content baby and always looked so peaceful that I hated having to move him.. – but it was so worth it for the shots I managed to get.

Thanks again to his momma for sharing him with me 🙂

Here is some of my favorites! Enjoy!