Sweet Baby C

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I sure enjoyed the snuggles with this cute little red head. So tiny & adoreable! We forgot to check with him before we booked his shoot though, as he was not too much into being a model this day. That’s okay though, that’s just how it goes sometimes, the babies are the bosses in all this for sure!

Every photo shoot I do is a learning experience, never ever a waste of time. I always take so much from them. This was newborn #9 for me. I know that I still have so much to learn, so I appreciate each and every chance I get to give it a go!

I really enjoyed chatting with his mom & grandma, and look forward to seeing them again this week for take 2!

I did manage to convince him to let me do a few, and one turned out to be one of my fav’s of all time!



Also LOVE this one in black and white. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I’m putting both. Can you imagine these on a nice big canvas? I can!



BabyC001 BabyC004


To be continued next week…………..  🙂

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