Sweet Baby O

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I ran into Baby O’s mom at a store just before she was due. Even though she was more than ready to have that baby, she was absolutely glowing! I let her know that I am doing newborn photos and she should contact me if she was interested. I feel bad that I didn’t tell her that they are best done between 7-10 days after baby arrives. She contacted me after all the craziness of Christmas holidays and visitors had settled down and by that time he was a month old. I said we could certainly give it a try and if nothing else, we will get some great awake baby photos!

This little guy was such a sweety! He was very curious with me and my big camera, and loved snuggling and hanging out with mom and dad. You could see the love in his eyes for them, content in knowing that he is the center of their world. We brought in their dog, a beautiful & well trained yellow lab and tried to get some photos of them together. He was so well trained that he wasn’t sure he should be so close to the baby!  We managed to get a couple shots though. So after all that it was time to try and get this boy to sleep so we could have at least one basket photo. You never really know what will do the trick with these little ones. What ended up working with him, was all of us collectively doing a soft chorus of shhhhh’s, too funny! I really enjoyed my time with this wonderful family and hope to see them again!










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