Welcome to handsome little Baby C’s take 2 session! If you recall from last week, he was not too interested in modeling the first time around. That’s okay! We always follow baby’s lead and if they are not wanting to do something then we don’t push. I am so glad he came back to give it another try!  and this time, he was good to go and he did amazing!! Specially considering he was 23 days old now.

He is such a handsome little model. I adored him! I savored every single cuddle I got with him, however small they were. I didn’t seem to have my special touch with this lil guy. He loved snuggles with gramma, but his most favorite place is in his mommy’s arms. As soon as he is handed to her, he calms right down. I was so glad I was able to capture the relationship between them. You can see the love & happiness in his eyes when he looks at his mommy. I love it!

I managed to get some of my most favorite newborn images to date in these 2 sessions. I am grateful to have met some really great people in the process. I can’t wait to see baby C again when he’s bigger and ready for his next photoshoot!