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I had such a great afternoon with Declan and his family. Time absolutely flew by! I always invite my clients to come on in and make themselves at home here. Ask any of my friends, I am a horrible hostess. I really am! I get caught up in chatting and it never occurs to me to offer anybody anything! (I’m especially bad when I’m in my photographing zone!) So I truly love it when people can come in and feel comfortable to help themselves. This family did just that and I was soooo thankful. I had a great time chatting with Declans mom Candace, who is also a photographer. You can check out her awesome work here! Declan also brought his grandma, what a sweet woman and such an excellent help to all of us.

Baby Declan! You were so much fun! Such a strong personality for 8 days old. I love it! He kept us laughing with his many expressions. His big sister is sure smitten with him! She told me several times ” I just really love him.” How sweet is that! Getting photos taken though, not so much loving that. It’s a hazard of our profession, our children just get really sick of cameras. She humored me with a couple and then we set her free.

So here is the list of rules according to Declan:

No holding my hands down, they need to stay near my face. (Already hiding from the camera lol.. his sister warned him I think ;))

No taking me from my grammas super comfy & magical arms!I love it here 🙂

Or my mommies loving snuggles and snacks, very much love it here 🙂

If you insist and I settle into a comfy spot, don’t even think of moving me again. That’s not nice.

No sneaking silly hats on me and thinking you’ll get a sleeping picture. Yes that’s right, I know what you’re up to!

I am proud of my frown, I’ve worked very hard at perfecting it. But be ready because will flash you my gorgeous smiles now & then when you least expect it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, I LOVE newborn sessions, all of them! I love the challenge, I love the babies, I love the snuggles, I love meeting the parents and I love the final outcome!  The photos that I capture for these families to remember their little ones first days, to hang proudly in their homes. I love it!

Thank you Candace for sharing your family with me! Hope to see you all again real soon 🙂

Here are some of my favorites!








I like to include some candid ‘behind the scenes’ shots too, I especially love this one of him snuggling with mom after a snack 🙂



Declan015 Declan017






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