As a photographer I get “let in” to my clients lives. I am trusted with their memories, and their little family secrets. I am always honoured and take it all very seriously. Some of those client relationships turn into really great friendships. This is definitely one of those times! Allison is such a friendly person with a heart of gold. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. She is most definitely one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known, and is very quick to give to others and not think of herself. I cherish the friendship that we have built through all these sessions, planning & chatting we’ve done.

The first time I met Allison & Trevor as a couple, my first thought was – wow they are so cute together!! I knew instantly they belonged together. I was sooooo thrilled & excited to capture their special day… IN JAMAICA!  ( when I signed up for it however, the location wasn’t chosen yet and I would have been just as happy to capture it anywhere else!)

But Jamaica..  what an awesome place to get married!!! Where do I even start? So. Much. Fun. I can’t even begin to tell you. Can we go back now??

If I had to sum up their wedding day in 2 words, they would be LOVE & LAUGHTER. There was soooooooo much of both. Everything went so smoothly, it was absolutely perfect day in every way. I know that it took lots of hard work on Allisons part, planning this from afar! Excellent, excellent job!

Allison & Trevor, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your lives & your day with me. You are such a beautiful couple and a gorgeous family. Here’s to a lifetime of LOVE & LAUGHTER <3

Here are some of my favorite images to tell the story of their day.. love, love love!

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