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Here we have one of mini session contest winners! I am so glad I was able to meet them, what a sweet family they are! They were such troopers walking & walking in the heat when we were not able to access the area that we had planned for that day.

When I spoke to mom about the photos she would like to do, she said the usual .. photos of the boys and family photos etc. She also asked if we could do a nursing photo with her last baby.. and I said of course we can!! I am so glad we did. I love the pride in her beautiful face and the love in babies eyes. LOVE it!

*Attention moms! … We need to do more of these photos! What a great keepsake to have of that very special time with your babes. <3  Of course this little one was not very hungry at that time, so we had to move quickly!  🙂

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me!

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