One year sessions are always very busy and we move along very quickly from scene to scene. This was officially the busiest one year session I have had, but also the most fun! I looked forward to this session from the first time I met these girls. I adore this family! The girls little personalities are sooooo much fun! We had so many plans and visions for this session, but we were quickly reminded that it’s the lil ones that run the show haha!

Although they officially turned one in June, they were born very early so we decided to have their session a little later. Happy one year sweet girls! <3

Also have a peek at their other sessions with me! Sarah’s maternity session and the girls newborn-ish session  🙂 What a journey they have had!!

TT001TT004 TT005 TT006 TT007 TT008 TT009TT012 TT013 TT014 TT015 TT016 TT017 TT018 TT019


I could not decide which one I liked better, color or black & white so I used them both! She’s such a little model! <3

TT020 TT021 TT022 TT023 TT024 TT025 TT026 TT027 TT028 TT029 TT030