Baby Mathew

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This was a great session with a beautiful family as they welcome the newest (and so perfect!) little member. This little guy slept nice & deep and let me photograph to my hearts content! We were a whole 4 hours with this session, but it seriously felt like maybe 2 hours! When we can get baby to sleep deep, it makes all the difference in how many poses we can do.

It was so hard to choose favorites with this one, they all are my favorites!

M002 M003M005M045M044M008 M009 M010 M011 M012 M013 M014 M015 M016 M017 M018 M019 M020 M021 M022 M023 M024M026 M027 M028M030 M031 M032 M033 M034M036 M037 M038M046

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