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I was one happy photographer with all the baby snuggles I got this day! She was so snuggly. She also had so many smiles for me, but it seemed she knew when I had my camera ready haha! I was tricky and caught a couple though 😉 This beautiful baby girl little is so lucky to have two very proud big brothers to watch our for her. They are all so adorable!  Mom is not only gorgeous but super talented as well – She made the cute bunny outfit that you see! We used it for her photos ( Easter baby!) and then she gave it to me to use in my future sessions! Thank you so much Jessica!

We didn’t get quite as many photos as I like to at this session. It just happens that way sometimes, babies don’t sleep deep enough, sometimes they have an upset tummy etc.. so when that happens I either give it another try on another day, or give a free mini session to use in the next few months when they are ready. You never know how baby will feel on photo day and I want to make sure my clients get their money’s worth. <3
Can’t wait to watch these cuties grow!



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  1. Oh how I wish she was still that little. Lol! Can’t believe she will be 3 months in a couple weeks!
    Absolutely adore every single picture! I cannot wait to get some canvases done to admire them each day ☺
    You are so welcome for the outfit! Makes me happy that others will be able to enjoy it as well! I’m sure you will get lots of use out of it!
    Thank you again for the mini session! I cannot wait to use it up probably for chirstmas pictures!!!!
    I’ll definitely be getting pictures again for her one year birthday as well!

    1. Wow I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months! I clearly underestimated the time it took to get this post up! haha You are so welcome for everything 🙂 Make sure you send me some shots of the canvases on display in your home, I love to see that! Take care super mama! See you again 🙂

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