Sometimes clients hesitate when it comes to choosing an In-Home Newborn Session because they are concerned that their home will not be ideal. It’s messy, it’s not well decorated, we have pets, it’s dark.. are all common reasons people think it might not be a good idea. I understand! If I was not a photographer, I would think my home would be terrible for it as well. But trust me when I say – all of this is okay and can work! Here are some tips to help you prepare for your in-home session:

We will be chatting in the weeks leading up to your session and will be discussing the rooms that are important to you, which direction your house faces, and we will choose the time of your session according to that. I might get you to send me photos of the rooms that you are wanting to use so I can see the light.

So first of all, I want to tell you: Please don’t stress! Not even a little. You will see, I am super easy going, nothing will phase me, I am patient and I happily say ” it’s all good” ( and I really mean it!). I know exactly what chaotic family homes with children and pets are all about! 

You just had a baby, and the last thing you need to do is worry about the state of your home. I will give you tips to follow but if you don’t.. it really is okay!! I have all kinds of ways to use just one room, or angles to omit things that we don’t want in the photos. If I see something distracting, I will move it.

1.The first thing I will do when I arrive is to take a tour with you and determine the rooms we will use, create a bit of a timeline with light in each room and decide about anything we might want to move to prep for the pictures. Be sure to open all of the blinds/curtains in your home before I get there so that I can quickly see the available light on our tour. Sometimes rooms can be too bright! It happens! Also, the room you thought was way too dark, could have the most amazing sliver of light that is absolutely perfect for some of the shots. Also be sure to turn off all the artificial lighting, we won’t be using any of it. 

2.  To help us move through the session quicker, you will want to move, or hide anything distracting. Bouncy chairs, diaper boxes, diaper pails, neon anything. They can all be stored in a closet or the bathroom as we won’t be photographing in there. Clear your nightstands and kitchen counters of anything you don’t want to see in your photos. Having said that, I usually don’t notice distractions until I’m taking the photos and in that case, I will just hide it quickly for the shot.

3. Add fresh flowers to rooms we might use!  Gives it a nice pop of color and interest.

4. Siblings are sometimes out of sorts at this time. Not only has their world just been turned upside down with the addition of a new baby, but now this lady is in our house to photograph this baby! I always do what I can to make the siblings feel just as important as the new baby. I have many tricks to get them to cooperate. A nice trick that you can do as an incentive is to get them a small gift and wrap it up! Don’t tell them what it is, because that will take away all the power it holds. Tell them if they cooperate they will get this gift at the end of the session. 

5. Heat! For the happiest baby possible, we will want it warmer in your home than usual. Newborns loose heat quickly when they are naked. For the majority of our session, baby will be diapered, and wearing a onesie or a wrap, but we want to make sure we get a few with baby naked curled up in moms arms, in mom and dads hands and also document all the little details like their perfect little flakey newborn feet!  I’ll let you know if we need more or less heat when I get there but around 80 degrees ( 26 Celcius) is a good start. I will also bring a space heater for more concentrated heat if it’s needed. 

6. Introduce your pets to your baby before photo day. They need to acquainted beforehand so that and you can observe and have an idea of how close they can be to each other. That will determine how we photograph them together because safety is always first! I have dogs and a cat myself, so I am completely okay with barking and jumping etc, so please don’t stress about it and feel like you have to lock them up. It’s best that they get used to me being there so they can be calm for photos.

7. Try to feed baby before I get there, but again, don’t stress. We will go with the flow and stop for feedings as needed.

8. Dress baby is something that is easy to get off, a white onesie is a great choice because we will also be photographing them wearing that in some of the photos. I will be bringing some wraps with me as well.  

9. Gather anything that you might want to use in the session. Siblings favorite book to read to baby, heirlooms, blankets made for baby, a funky rug that would be fun to use, etc! 

10. Dress casually, you don’t want to be in uncomfortable formal clothing like shirts and ties etc. Be casual, comfortable and just be yourselves. All I ask is that you avoid loud colors which will reflect on baby, or anything with logos or words. 

I look so forward to working with you!!