Lifestyle Newborn Sessions – in your home, has so much more meaning! We are telling a story with your family about where you lived when your baby came into the world. Your home is the backdrop, with all your decor and belongings, that special chair, your beloved pets etc!

I still do studio newborn sessions and they are just as beautiful, just in a different way.  My work, in all the sessions that I offer, has always been somewhat infused with Lifestyle-like portraits. To me this has always meant capturing fun, real moments and connections all guiding my clients in a way that will have them act and look natural.  According to Wikipedia lifestyle photography is “a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the every day.”  To be true lifestyle, you would be photographed in a typical place that you go often and be doing everyday things that you normally do. So yes, we do this, but I also direct you into scenes that will fit with light and the scenery we need. This type of photography is what makes me happy and what just feels right. I believe my clients feel the same. 

I stopped doing in-home sessions for awhile because I came across too many scenarios where the light was really bad in homes and I didn’t have the tools to deal with those problems and I wanted clients to have the best photos possible. I have learned so many tricks recently in different workshops in regards to lighting, angles and the best time of day for sessions in certain houses and the direction they face, how to use any room in the house, etc! You don’t need a perfect “Pinterest house”. We will arrange things, we will remove little distractions and we will add things like fresh flowers etc. It doesn’t need to be perfect! 

So many advantages!..

  • More meaningful, natural and real.
  • We have more leeway with our timeline, as we are not trying to perfectly pose them super sleepy on a beanbag like in the studio. The best time for these is when baby is 2-3 weeks old. The great thing about this is that you have gotten to know your baby by this time, feeding is usually all set in and everyone is happy, you might even have somewhat of a schedule going. By this age, baby’s eyes can focus better and are not so erratic. Which means they can connect with you and with me.. (and my camera!)
  • Siblings get to stay home in their own environment where they feel comfortable. Huge plus!
  • It’s your space, your belongings, your home is the backdrop, so much more meaning. The nursery, family room, master bedroom, siblings room and even the kitchen! There are so many ways to use all your space, or even just one room! 
  • We can do fun things like a baby bath!
  • It’s more relaxed and comfortable for everyone.
  • PETS! They are part of the family and can absolutely be included.  Connection is everything with these sessions. We are documenting the connection and feelings at this time in your lives. I will still guide you, place you in scenes where the light is best and then I will let it play out naturally. I will still be stopping to fix crazy hair or fixing how baby is being held.. etc etc! Not to worry, I still got your back! 
    Typically this session takes from 1.5- 3 hours. I am never worried about the time. I know the deal with kids, pets and even husbands that would rather be doing anything else.. I understand all of that and I am happy to work around any issues that pop up. Toddler needs a fast nap? No problem, we will do everything else and get the sibling photos in at the end when they wake up. Baby needs to eat? All good! 

Maternity is also a great in home lifestyle session to do as well! The maternity and newborn session blend so well together in a book since they were taken in the same place.

I hope this post helped you see the benefits to an in home newborn session and why you might want to book one for your family. Can’t decide which one you would like to do? You can always “add on” a mini Lifestyle session to your studio session, or a mini studio session onto your Lifestyle session. Contact Gina for more details!!    

 Also – I should add, travel within an hour away from Vegreville is free of charge! Book your session today!