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I am back! It has been sooooo quiet over here recently! I thought I would give you a long winded explanation because perhaps some of you could use some balance inspiration as well  
Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows – Greys Anatomy and it really just solidified my recent choices. The takeaway phrase from this episode was “On their deathbed, no one wishes they’d worked more” – (even when you love what you do!)

For me, it all started with some downtime around Christmas, to take a breather, relax and spend time with my family. I stepped away from my computer and didn’t even allow myself to sit in my office. It was weird, I didn’t know what to do!
Because, for so long, all I did was work. I sat at my computer when I woke up, my only breaks would be to make dinner, sometimes not even that.. sometimes we ordered instead. I would work laaaate, very late. Then get up and do it all again. Once I felt “a bit caught up” I would spend a day (or 1/2 a day) cleaning the house, grocery shopping and just quickly doing all those household things as fast as I could before getting back behind my desk once again. You can get away with this when your kids are older, which really, is not a good thing.

Even though I was in the same house with my family, they barely saw me. Don’t get me wrong – I was still all up in their business like moms should be, but a lot of times it was from behind my desk. If I did do something like watch a show with them, guess what was in my lap? So yeah, I was only really only half there. If I wasn’t editing, I was doing something business related, day in and day out. I knew this was not good for me, so I started trying to make some boundaries and take Sundays off for family but it was very hard to stick to when I felt like I had so much to get done and sometimes that’s the only day that people could fit their session in, etc!

This, my friends, is a surefire way to burn myself out! – but I couldn’t see it. I just thought that I was doing what I had to do to succeed, better my craft, keep my clients happy and grow my business. Turns out, burnout mode is terrible for creativity and productivity. I started to find myself so distracted from my work, I was having a hard time sitting at my desk, getting up constantly and doing something else non-productive. My mind was just so full of the TO DO list that I couldn’t do any of it. I was unorganized and felt unorganized, which made me struggle with my creativity.

I truly looooove my job, I love photographing. I just wasn’t doing the life/work balance thing right. I believe it all works together, you know the saying – “all work and no play”.

So taking that time off really made me realize just how unbalanced and burnt out I really was. Now that I have been working on it, I see just how much I had been neglecting other important aspects of my life: my health, family, marriage, pets, fun time ( games, *photographing-just-for-fun*), crafting props and reading!! Omygosh I missed reading!

It came to me just at the right time, as January is the slow month around here, so I was able to take that time to work on it all. I am happy to report that I am now caught up in all those areas, I can see so much clearer. I feel so much happier because I am investing the time in myself, I’m feeling fitter with my workouts back in place, my family & and home life is good, my house & studio are organized. I feel balanced for the first time in a long time and it’s awesome. My game plan moving forward is to schedule it all into my calendar and stick to it! I am going to have to have some business boundaries in place, including business hours where I will reply to emails and do my work in, so that I am not be plugged in and available 24/7 anymore (unless its an emergency of course!) I have recently learned new ways to maximize my time and get everything done much quicker. I am confident that all of this balance is only going to benefit everyone 

The time has now come to add my business back into the equation! I have sure missed it! I have lots of things coming up to look forward to, a new workshop – *Maternity & Newborn* this time! I love love love all the inspiration and new tricks that I walk away with from these. 
I am also super excited for sessions that I have coming up! A couple of my newborn buddies are coming to celebrate their first birthdays with me next week! I have maternity, newborns, grads & weddings! Let’s do this!

I have a ton of blog posts to get up, a website to update and I am going to attempt to get a year in review up for you all as well, all in due time, so watch for those 

I thank you all so much for your support and hanging out with me through this journey. I appreciate you all so very much! I look forward to 2018 and all the creations to come!

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