I am back! It has been sooooo quiet over here recently! I thought I would give you a long winded explanation because perhaps some of you could use some balance inspiration as well 🙂  Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows – … Continue readingBalance

Favorites of 2013

Beautiful babies, little toes, happy families, cheeky grins, quick & curious 2 year olds, loads of laughter, happy smiles, brand new baby snuggles, glowing momma’s, new friendships, playful children, lots of love = one happy photographer!!  What a great year! I thank you all so … Continue readingFavorites of 2013

Art in Motion

I spent a year in school with Rebecca and got to know her pretty well. She is such a beautiful person inside & out, I am so lucky to have her in my life!! We had talked about getting out for a dance photo shoot … Continue readingArt in Motion