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I spent a year in school with Rebecca and got to know her pretty well. She is such a beautiful person inside & out, I am so lucky to have her in my life!! We had talked about getting out for a dance photo shoot for quite some time but with all the school obligations there never seemed to be a good time. Finally just before she was leaving Kelowna we managed to get out to see what we could do. Regardless of the outcome, we had so much fun!

It was a definite learning curve, getting the light in the right places and learning where she was going  with her dance moves and when to capture the right moment! – and figure it out quickly so we didn’t tire her out! What you don’t see is the frantic swatting we were doing between shots. After a record rainfall in June, the mosquitos were horrible!!! I thought I had left those behind in the north! I must say though, they are definitely smaller and slower down here.

I was absolutely amazed at Rebecca’s talent and flexibility. She was so graceful and the height she would get was amazing! I just hope I did her moves justice in the photos. Thank you for the opportunity Rebecca!! I cannot wait for you to come visit – we will be sure to do this again!

Rebecca is also an awesome photographer! Be sure to check out her work at


Sun jumping

leg frame sun

The art of it

air splits

Toes touching head wow!

Beautiful dancer 

Dance like nobody is watching

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