I love a challenge, photographing shy kids and capturing that personality that they are trying to hide from you is definitely a challenge! I was told that little mister Greyson was a shy guy, so I was prepared. I know all about shy kids, as I have had many in my years of daycare as well as being one myself as a child & a teen.

Shy kids come in a variety of types and need to be handled differently. Some of them can be won over right away just by having a good chat first, maybe play with some toys. Some need some time to check you out first. Some get won over with silly stuff – but beware as some will get even shyer if you pull out the silly stuff! Those are the ones that need to forget that you are even there, you have to say very little and let someone that they trust entertain them.
I saw that Greyson would start to have some fun and show some smiles, until I said something – then this is the look I would get:  ( and I don’t blame him at all! He doesn’t know me and my big black camera!)


We started out in the studio but I could tell it was intimidating for him. It’s a small space and he felt a bit cornered I think. So I invited everyone to go out on the patio. It sure helped! You could see him relax a bit more. He was still hiding his smiles and giving me leery looks but it was getting better. Such a handsome boy! That is his most favorite hat, I love it!



We headed back inside and tried again, he was still not sure about me, but I kept as quiet as I could and let grandma try and get his smiles out. He decided that he wanted mom to be in the photos with him so we went with it!





I love this one of him looking up at his mom 🙂



Now it was smiley Ryann’s turn to be a model! She is such a cutey and everything is funny to her! So sweet!

C-3  C-6



Such a fun photo with mommy 🙂



I LOVE this squishy face kiss!!




Look at that handsome boy snuggling his mom, super sweet. So much love for mommy 🙂




C-63 C-65

Oh no!! Don’t make me smile, I was doing so good hiding them! ….. and what a fantastic smile it is ! 🙂





I really enjoyed my time with this beautiful family! Thank you Greyson, Ryann, Christy and a big thank you to Grandma for all the help!  I had so much fun with you all and cannot wait until our next session!!