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Have I mentioned I just adore this family? I first met them at our mini maternity/family session, they were so fun and easy going, I absolutely felt like I had already known them for years. So many laughs! Here are a few fav’s from that session:


You may remember this one! It received a lot of love on facebook! Below that is the hilarious “outtake” from trying to do that pose! Soooo funny!





We did those maternity session photos too soon, as it was a loooooong wait until May! …………

Welcome baby Cache!! I was so happy when this baby arrived, which meant I got to hang out with this family again 🙂 What a handsome lil guy! and I have never met a stronger baby! ( and only 6 days old too!)  I highly doubt that his mom got any sleep during her pregnancy. He wasn’t a fan of most of my poses, and to make sure that I knew this he would arch his back or stick his leg out straight and not bend it or! almost start crawling! I kid you not! I wouldn’t be surprized if he gets up and starts running at 3 months old haha!

Love this shot of him and his beautiful momma! Herminia is not only super nice and easy going but she is also a very talented nail artist, her work is phenomenal! I have to keep my nails short, but if I didn’t – I would definitely be wearing her work! 🙂 Check it out here.



Big sister Chloe is smitten with him for sure 🙂 She was super patient and so gentle with him.


In LOVE with the dimply smile and the sibling love!


He made up for the posing with lots of smiles for me! C-20


This harmony ball pendant necklace was given to his momma by one of her best friends. It makes a gentle peaceful jingle that baby hears while in the womb. Now that he is born, they found that he definitely recognizes the sound and is comforted by it. Her friend has one jingling on her belly as well as she is also expecting! So special! <3






Thank you so much Herminia, Matt, Chloe and Cache! I am counting down the days until our next session!

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