Stunning 40th

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Such gorgeousness coming to see me these days – I swear they are all secretly models!

The stunning Tracy came in after some pampering at the salon, for a quick portrait session before her 40th birthday party! I know what you are thinking, there’s no way she is 40! I thought the same thing!

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea, don’t you? To get your portraits done, for your 40th (or anytime) that is just about YOU and who you are. You are not just a mom or a wife, or a dad or a husband. Celebrate your beautiful self!  Tracy wanted to have these portraits for her kids to look back on. Brilliant I say.

Tracy was such an awesome model, she followed my direction so well, twisted and turned and rocked it! I absolutely love all of her photos so it was very hard to pick some favorites ..  just. so. stunning! ( Oh and she is also very talented – she made the dress herself! How great is that!)







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