I have had the honour of photographing for this family a couple times over the past year.  I was very excited to hear that they welcomed a new baby girl into the family! This tiny little bean was such a sweetheart. This was my first ‘in home’ session in a long time.  This was a bit of a challenge for me as I have been so used to light & space in my studio. It is so worth it though as everyone get’s to stay home and comfortable!

Little Grace was not really wanting to deep sleep for us, my thoughts are that it was just not warm enough. We didn’t use the heater with her, as it seems silly to have the heater going in summer but it really is a must. She did well with some poses but drew the line at unclenching her hands haha.

I can’t wait to see the family again in the fall for family photos!

Here’s some of my fav’s…. Sometimes I just cannot choose between the black and white and the color so you get both! I would LOVE to see these images hung on a wall, nice & big and canvas like! <3

G002 G003 G004 G005 G006 G007 x G009 G010 G011  G013 G014 G015 x G017 G018   Here are her handsome big brothers in action from Williams one year session not too long ago  🙂   W028