Simple, Pure, Natural Newborns

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minimalist, simple, pure

There is nothing quite like sudden clarity & light bulb moments! For awhile now I have been struggling with my newborn sessions, and I just figured out why!

Turns out.. I was drifting away from my true style. I was trying to do what I thought my clients wanted, trying to use so many props and backgrounds, detailed set ups, matching different colors of blankets with hats. Basically trying master all of the different styles at once. 3 hours would fly by as we tried to fit it all in. It was always ending with me thinking there has to be a better way.

When I look at my images, I am always drawn to the minimalist images that I do. They are what make me smile and make my heart sing. Suddenly it makes so much sense – that is my style! I know that I, as a parent would LOVE to have these types of images on my walls. They fit into any room and any decor, they are timeless and they are natural. They are details and uncluttered works of art and they are simply all about baby.

Simple. Pure. Natural.

I have always done these types of photos in my sessions but then I would move into other props etc. So I am not really changing my style, I am just doing more of my style. This is going to allow me to capture so many more details and put the focus on your baby’s natural beauty and at a time that they are at their newest and smallest!

I recently set out to learn some new techniques and tricks to add lots of variety to these sessions. I am confident that my newborn sessions will be so much more relaxed and easier on everyone, specially baby! I am so excited to move forward, take all my newfound knowledge and  fill my clients galleries with simple, pure and natural photos of their perfect brand new baby.

If you or someone you know are interested in a newborn session with me, send me a message and we can chat 🙂

PS: *A note to the moms that have newborn sessions booked with me already* – please don’t worry, I will still be doing any props and poses that you had your heart set on! I look so forward to our sessions together!

On top of all that news.. I am also considering starting a brand new service! – This one is done in the first 48 hours of your baby’s life and at their place of birth. These sessions are often called Fresh48, a lifestyle session to capture and remember baby’s first day.  If you know of a family who might like to do this, please send them my way! I will be doing a couple free trials for anyone who is interested and is within one hour distance from my home in Vegreville, AB. This session will be free, but they must agree to allow me to use the photos for promotional purposes.

Below are some examples of the minimalist newborn photos that I have done. It is mainly done with backgrounds of white, cream, black and sometimes in nice creamy beiges as well. Baby is posed, but minimally to show the natural way they like to lay and sometimes replicating how they were positioned in the womb.

Ahhh I just love them so much!

minimalist, simple, pure
newborn, simple, minimalist 2016-04-08_0004 2016-04-08_0009


2016-04-08_0006 I will definitely still be doing the crates & barrel photos from above like this one, one of my favorite poses! Babies always love this one too, its so comfy! 2016-04-08_0007

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