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Preparing for your In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

I absolutely LOVE Newborn lifestyle sessions! We get to showcase your new addition in the comfort of your own home, where you are most comfortable and relaxed, and so is your baby.

During a newborn lifestyle session, I will help you with some flattering poses, and get you set up with the best light and then mostly let the session unfold naturally. My favorite images are the real life emotion and connection that when you look at them in the years to come, it will bring you right back to this very special time.

These sessions take place in the daytime so that we can use the natural light that comes into your home. Morning is usually best but we will find the right time that works for your family. When I arrive, I will check out the light coming in and we will make a plan on where to begin. The most common rooms used are the nursery, master bedroom and living room. Sometimes we may move a chair or something to use the light from a window a little better. We all know that life with a newborn is BUSY and tiring - housework is the last thing you have the energy for. I know all about it and I want you to know that I do not expect a spotless house. It’s your home and it’s supposed to look lived in. All you really need to do is remove any clutter in the rooms that we may use, that you may not want to see in the photos. Like extra burp cloths, pacifiers, lotion, laundry etc. Maybe put the stuff into a nearby closet or a basket and thats it! If I see anything at the time, I will move it out of the way.

What to wear! For the family, the first thing to think about is to keep it casual. You are in your home and are suppose to look natural, as opposed to all dressed up. Also we don't want to see socks in the photos, so barefoot is best. ( Warn the dads! and not to worry, the focus will not be on your feet at all) T-shirts and jeans are the most popular choice. Flowy dresses or maxi skirts are a great choice if you feel good wearing it. Always go with something that you feel good in. I love lighter, neutral colors, that way we are not reflecting any crazy color hues onto skin. Words and logos should be avoided. Unless of course it's a BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER shirt! We will need a few shots in that for sure. Make sure you have a solid outfit ready for baby (a white onesie or muslin swaddle is always a great option) and perhaps a second outfit that shows a bit more personality. *Just make sure to try it on before the session and be sure it fits* Often newborn clothing is too big, it bunches up and they get lost in there. I also bring some wraps with me so we have that option there as well. Make sure you have backup outfits on hand for both you and baby - you just never know what could happen!

When do we schedule a newborn session? Ideally within the first two weeks after baby arrives. The ‘newer’ the baby, the better the session typically goes, they are typically sleepier and more cooperative for pictures. Also sometimes around 3 weeks baby acne will set it, or scratches start to appear etc! So, the sooner the better.

How long do newborn sessions last? Typically 2 hours. I am flexible - I can be super quick when I need to be and I can also chill out and wait for baby to have a feeding if needed, it also gives me a chance to photograph some nursery decor, candids, details ( like lil newborn toes!), siblings, pets, etc.

It's a good idea to try and have baby eat before I arrive, I know that is not always possible but it will help with the session going quicker. I've occasionally came across sessions where baby was cluster feeding and would just not settle. If you are finding this happening with your baby in the days leading up to your session or the day before, let me know and we will discuss postponing. I've had sessions where baby will just not settle no matter what and I ended up coming back another day and we had such an easy quick session. Sometimes they are just not having it and that's okay! They are the boss. Also wanted to let you know to please not worry about siblings and pets and the chaos that is life with them. I had a day-home for many years and 3 kids of my own. I know all about it. I know that everyone can be a little out of sorts with all the changes. Never worry about any of that! :)

Your newborns safety is my first priority. I have been photographing newborns for over 10 years and have taken many courses in safety etc. I am fully vaccinated against COVID19 as well as up to date on all of my other vaccinations. If I feel even a little bit ill, I will postpone the session until I am 100%, I won't take any chances. Likewise, if anyone in your family is feeling ill, please let me know and we will postpone. I prefer not to wear a mask while photographing, it just makes it more difficult with fogging up and communication but I will definitely do so if you prefer. I want you comfortable with having me in your home :)

I look so forward to capturing your family and all the love that surrounds your new addition at this super special time!! See you soon! ❤️

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